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The last word we want to hear.... Covid.

So who else out there is totally freaking out about covid and planning a wedding?

I think the end of the Covid Wedding Battle is near? How about you?

This has been probably the hardest time in history to plan a wedding. Lets face it by the time I invite all my friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, work friends, friends I haven't seen in decades and of course all my old college friends, how will I ever keep my numbers under 25 people !

A few things to consider about your special day, for me the number one thing was to be very clear on mine and my partners own expectations. Some dream of castles and cocktails with hundreds of people, and some prefer low-key intimate and private services and celebration. what do you want from your day? After all it is your day! I will promise you with the experience I have gained from hundreds of weddings that I have worked at, you will never please everyone! but here are some simple tips to keep in mind when planning that day:

  1. Location is everything! A lot of people start with a guest list and really that should come later in the planning stages. Location chooses the mood of your space and your guests. You want something welcoming and comfortable, convenient, affordable yet glorious. This does exist. I promise! keep in mind the distance your guests need to travel to your wedding, if they will need to miss days of work to get there, is the location protected for weather (indoor/outdoor options), is it accessible for all your guests, don't forget the photos!

2. Photography. Lets face it, after the celebration is all over and all the stress of preparing

is behind you, one of the last things left are the photos. These photos will be family

airlomes for decades to come, so you want them to be perfect! so whatever your backdrop is, make sure its just right for you! I have seen celebrations on top of a white castle in the middle of Budapest, or backyard family farm weddings with horses grazing in the back drop. no one wants a fully edited wedding photo which takes you from a basehall to a wonderful beach without every leaving your seat. You want the real deal! This is achiveable within any budget. Fine local attractions like garden centres, historical buildings, bridges, parks, even reach out to home oweners of beutiful properties and ask to rent the space for an hour. Just whatever you do, make sure you do something!

3. Destination weddings are a huge hit, everything is basically done for you. You show up, say I do, and get to a week long celebration. In many cases they are actually less expensive then a standard wedding. Just keep in mind of some of your guests who may not be able to travel and how important it is for you to have them at your wedding. Maybe consider a private ceremony at home with close family before you travel to your wedding?

Anyways, enough from me! Tell me your wedding stressors! lets see if we can boucne some ideas around to make it more enjoyable then stressful.

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